Malls & Shopping Centres

Security personnel is an integral part of the retail industry: acting as deterrent against anti social behaviour, malicious damage and theft.

Our security officers will patrol all public areas, interacting with the general public and retailers in proactive, positive and reassuring manner, promoting and enhancing the reputation of the shopping centre.

We offer opening and closing services which includes opening the shopping mall at the appropriate time then locking and secure the centre ensuring checking all retailer's doors and shutters are locked and secured.

Uniformed Security Officer or Covert Officer act to detect and deter against inappropriate action or anti-social behavior, assist in emergency evacuation of retail outlets or shopping Centre in case of a fire, deter theft in retail outlets by maintaining a physical presence and any illegal activity will be addressed immediately.

All our security officer are 1st Aid trained and they will respond to all medical emergencies. Our security officer will assist the casualty until medical emergency crews arrive and take over.