Bars & Restaurants

We can supply security guard services in the Sydney area who are customer service orientated, they are there to enhance the reputation of your venue and help it reach its full potential by providing a safe, friendly and hassle free environment whilst your customers can come and enjoy them self without the concerns of any unnecessary conflict situation.

Our security guards are not only there to protect your customers but also to provide a safe and secure working environment for your staff.

Our security personnel are fully licensed and trained in first aid, conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques and are conversant with the Liquor Act 1982, Registered Clubs Act 1976, Responsible Service of Alcohol and Gaming.

Our security officer are all trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). They will ensure that patrons will not over consume alcohol by encouraging them to drink water, consume food and encourage the indivdual to have a break from the consumption of alcohol.