At present we do not have any vacancies. We recruit from within and advertise on our site for additional Security Officer. Please come back and check this site for regular updates.



FLIR Scout PS32


You can traverse rough terrain to scope out the "perfect spot" at dusk, before dawn and even when it's pitch black outside. You can discover nocturnal animals, find wandering members of your party, locate lost livestock or spot downed game. You can use the Scout PS-Series to help see through light fog, smoke or trail dust. In addition, during day time wildlife spotters can locate animals standing in tall grass or hiding partly behind bushes or trees.


Bars & Restaurants

We can supply security guard services in the Sydney area who are customer service orientated, they are there to enhance the reputation of your venue and help it reach its full potential by providing a safe, friendly and hassle free environment whilst your customers can come and enjoy them self without the concerns of any unnecessary conflict situation.

Our security guards are not only there to protect your customers but also to provide a safe and secure working environment for your staff.

Our security personnel are fully licensed and trained in first aid, conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques and are conversant with the Liquor Act 1982, Registered Clubs Act 1976, Responsible Service of Alcohol and Gaming.

Our security officer are all trained in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). They will ensure that patrons will not over consume alcohol by encouraging them to drink water, consume food and encourage the indivdual to have a break from the consumption of alcohol.



We can provide loss prevention officers in the Sydney region to reduce theft and maximise your profits, having a uniformed loss prevention officer will act as a visual deterrent and make would be criminals think twice.


Crowd Control

We recognised the importance of having Professional Security Services that are competent and professionally trained crowd controllers at your venue. Our staff will closely monitor all patron numbers ensuring the prescribed amount of people inside your venue does not go over your limit.


Malls & Shopping Centres

Security personnel is an integral part of the retail industry: acting as deterrent against anti social behaviour, malicious damage and theft.

Our security officers will patrol all public areas, interacting with the general public and retailers in proactive, positive and reassuring manner, promoting and enhancing the reputation of the shopping centre.

We offer opening and closing services which includes opening the shopping mall at the appropriate time then locking and secure the centre ensuring checking all retailer's doors and shutters are locked and secured.

Uniformed Security Officer or Covert Officer act to detect and deter against inappropriate action or anti-social behavior, assist in emergency evacuation of retail outlets or shopping Centre in case of a fire, deter theft in retail outlets by maintaining a physical presence and any illegal activity will be addressed immediately.

All our security officer are 1st Aid trained and they will respond to all medical emergencies. Our security officer will assist the casualty until medical emergency crews arrive and take over.

Property Protection

Jacksonville Security Services is at your service for when your planning that overseas trip or travelling interstate and you need that reassurance your property will be safe and secure whilst your away. We provide security officer for the Norther Beaches, Inner West as well as Sydney - CBD area.

Jacksonville Security is now offering specialised security operative that have been trained in the use of NVG ( Night Vision Goggles) . These units patrol your premises at night, using night vision technology to detect intruders that hide in the dark. This gives the Officer advanced waring that a person has entered your grounds and has time to react, to call for back up and or apprehend the offender before theft or damage can occur.