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Dual Colour LED Lightbar

Dual (Multi) Colour Led Light Bar

LED Dual Light-Bar used for Emergency Vehicles such as Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulance, Security Vehicles and Council Cars.

The LED Light Bar is made from high quality polycarbonate material. The surface of the dome has been coated with a protective coating, which protects it from fading. The unit is waterproof. The base material is aluminium. The enviromental operating temperature ranges from -45°C to 50°C.

.DC12V OR 24V
.Length: 900mm,1200mm,1500mm,1800mm
.High Power 1W Gen 3rd LED Brand(22PCS LED Modules 8pcs per led module)
.Polycarbonate Lens(Width:30CM,Height:5.5CM,Length:120CM)
.Aluminium base: 0.32CM Thick at the bottom
.Mounting bracket will be integrated with Aluminium base
.20 flashing patterns, including Take down, Alley light, Traffic adviser
.Control box- choices of 2 Switches,4 Switches, 5 Switches.
.Packing Size:126X37X19CM
.Weight: 18KG
.Colour: Dual colour, Red/Blue-Amber/Amber
Blue/Blue-Amber/Amber, Red/Blue-Amber/White...
Colour can be made to your requirements.

Dual Color LED Lightbar

 Click here to view demo

Please Note - Police Lights are only sold to Law Enforcement Agency and requires official Purchase Order.